Top Caps for Railing Systems

Top Caps

PRL's Handrail and guardrail top caps, PRL offer a wide variety of styles, sizes and finishes for indoor and outdoor railing systems. Rendered in brake formed stainless steel and extruded aluminum options, we supply a huge inventory of top caps for a host of railing specifications. At PRL, nearly all handrail and guardrail top caps are manufactured in our facility. Furnished in round and square profiles, these railing components are available in a large selection of standard and custom lengths, sizes and diameters.

We also extrude a vast range of top cap accessories. Providing the finest machining, bending and welding services, we can produce everything from channel caps, custom angled elbows and sidelite channel caps to custom corners and posts, slotted endcaps and more. Commercial or residential, our top caps make for stunning handrails and guardrails. Delivered in a rich collection of premium quality finishes, these railing components afford generous design choices. In addition to brushed and polished stainless steel, PRL offers top caps in clear and dark bronze anodized, mill, powder coated and painted aluminum finishes. Upon request, satin and polished brass are also available.

We furnish the widest selection of handrail and guardrail top caps,. Upholding our stellar reputation as the premier railing component manufacturer.

Round Small Top Cap 

1 1/2” Diameter


Medium Round Top Cap

2” Diameter


Big Round Top Cap

3” Diameter


Rectangular Top Cap

2” x 2 1/2“ or 2” x 3”


Square Top Cap

2” x 2” or 3” x 3”


Extruded Metal Top Cap

2” Diameter

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Numerous Stylish Designs

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We can produce everything from geometric shapes like parallelograms, special fabrication like notches, multiple holes, cut-outs and oversized panels to captivate all-glass railing designs.  

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