Elegante Railing System

Elegante Railing System

PRL’s Elegante Handrail and Guardrail Standoffs create elegant frameless heavy glass guardrails by eliminating the base shoe and allowing the glass to secure directly to the sides of the stringers or deck. Our 2″ diameter solid stainless steel standoffs are fabricated in-house. Also can we provide ½” thick stainless steel pre-drilled backing plates to secure to the sub-structure.

PRL provides complete frameless railings, the glass, ready to install, all within an incredibly fast production time. Standoffs are available in stainless steel, brass, oil rubbed bronze or painted finishes. Our ELEGANTE RAILING SYSTEM brings innovation and elegance to the architectural design industry.

Square Mount Plate

Bracket for 2” Standoff


Round Plate Mount

Bracket 4”x8”H Corners Domed


Round Cap

2” Diameter


Flat Cap

2” Diameter


Custom Stand Off

With & Without Plate Mount

Custom Length & Diameter

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